Sunday, 29 June 2008

An Afternoon Sandstorm

I walked out of my office yesterday to a very sandy, very yellow world. Though the sand cleared up by evening and revealed a peaceful, starry sky, everything was covered in an ultra-fine layer of dust. There's nothing like blowing desert grit off your pillow at the end of the day before crawling into bed.

Friday, 27 June 2008


We went on a great trip to Egypt at the end of April. It was our first international travel experience together and overall we had a fabulous time. We cruised the Nile, rode horses and camels, and saw more hieroglyphics and mummies than you can imagine. We swam in a pool at the foot of the pyramids, took a felucca ride at sunset, and dressed up in national costume for an evening of bellydancing. We even survived numerous taxi trips in Cairo, which in itself is a pretty big accomplishment, given the traffic and general chaos that is Cairo. So, all in all, we accomplished a lot, and had a great time doing it.